Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're still alive...I promise!

Hi family and friends! Truly sorry for neglecting this sweet spot in my really, updating y'all on our life is my escape from the hectic-ness that consumes our current state of affairs. We are alive and making it - some days MUCH better than others.

Here's a quick review of our wanderings and ponderings over the past month ('s only been a month?!)

- Sat. December 14th: We attempted to visit the Boat light show in our good ole' town of SRQ...we saw one boat. Daven flipped because he couldn't be on the actual boat...seriously the kid hightailed it for the Ocean to climb aboard one of the many festive vessels and Grady screamed because he was hungry...again...after nursing AND taking a 4oz. bottle. We got dressed, we saw a boat, we conquered our first trip out with both boys for a seemingly fun event!

- Sun. December 15th: We visited Grace Baptist Churches light show...success! D had a blast eating his cookie, seeing all the lights, and dancing to the tunes with his girlfriends Riley and Ella. Grady gave us an hour reprieve from crying and cuddled up in his wrap for a nice long snooze...before screaming the whole 3 mile drive home...he was probably hungry again (story.of.our.lives)

- Although this is old news to most of you folks, we (or should I say Nathan) bought a boat. Yep, the VERY LAST item on our "want" list somehow made it to the very top rather quickly...the boys are estactic and I'm slowly warming up to the idea..not that I have much of a choice since we bought it.

- We stumbled upon THIS made my month...seriously, I got a good MUCH needed laugh!

- G-man SMILED!! This made my year since this kid has had a rough go of it his first 6 weeks of life (more on that later). Tried to capture on film, but he was very uncooperative...or hungry...or done being cute.


- G-man LAUGHED!! We are slowly reaching these first month milestones and that makes me one happy and proud Momma...sweetest little laugh that usually occurs when being changed in his room on his changing table...can't seem to get him to laugh anywhere else - it must be the awesome gallery wall his awesome parents made him!

- Daven is growing by leaps and bounds! The kid is talking up a storm, "reading" me books, throwing  crazy intense temper tantrums (why am I surprised...I was a pouter and Nate...HIGH energy = INTENSE toddler). He's adorable and a handful and I love everything about him...especially his cuddles.

- We are [kind of] attempting to get Daven to sleep in his own bed...but he tends to show up about 2am with a look of determination as he climbs up, says "hi momma", and curls up for the rest of his nightly slumber (Nate and I BOTH did this...payback is a you know what).

AND because I've made you wait this are a slew of pictures of our adorable offspring in all their adorableness.

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