Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review...

2013 is definitely one for the books! We once again has quite an eventful year! In no particular order...

- My best friend said "I do" on 12/31/12 and rang in the New Year as a beautiful wifey

- Daven turned 1 on 1/9/13

- We found out we were pregnant with #2 in Feb/2013

- We welcomed #2, Grady Alexander on 10/27/13

- Daven added two more flights (5 flights total before turning 2) to his Jr. Flyer passport

- Grady took his first flight 12/2013 & we experienced flying as a family of 4!

- My best friend tied the knot & we road tripped to Boone, NC...I got to play MOH again...blessed to have best friends!

- Nate started a new job

- We took the Dave Ramsey course & learned how to "live like no one else now, so we can live like no one else later" changed our lives!

- We bought a boat...sorry Dave

- We (D, utero G, and I) took two more road trips from SRQ ➡️ TLH ➡️ ATL...15+ hrs of driving each way...I've lost count of how many road trips that lil guy and I've made!

- Found out four other best friends were expecting bundles of joy AND welcomed the birth of two...KC Oliver Wood on 11/8/13 (left picture) and James Thomas Ruffin on 11/21/13

- Welcomed our beautiful niece into this world on 4/8/13

- Found out in August/2013 we were going to be an Auntie & Uncle AGAIN come April 2014 to another sweet boy...Tristan Ryan Varn!

- Daven started talking up a storm Oct/2013...he doesn't stop chattering (he gets it from me)...where did my baby go??

- Spent Christmas with my ENTIRE family for the first time in 10 years...first Christmas the boys spent with BOTH their grandparents & great-grandparents 

- Celebrated Grady's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas!

- Experienced our first 911 call with D after he drank fuel stabilizer...we now know Poison controls number by heart! 

I'm sure there are MANY more, but these are the ones that stand out the most! Happy New Year everyone and hope 2014 is full of just as many wonderful memories!

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