Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Friday!

*** Disclaimer: This is going to be winded...bear with me!! **

Happy Friday! Wow, life has been a little hectic and mostly in the best of ways! I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but with two under three, the only time to even attempt to blog is in the wee morning hours or late at night...neither of which I'd prefer to do! 

In other news, the boys are growing by leaps and bounds! 

Daven had his 2 year check-up and came it at: 35 1/2 inches tall, 27.9 lbs, and 19" head circumference...I think his head is now as big as mine! He excelled in all categories and acted like such a big kid at the doctors....where did my baby go?! We begin the preschool search this coming Monday and he will start gymnastics the following Monday...2 hours solo...what am I going to do with myself (I kid, I'm nervous & excited all at the same time)!

Sweet Grady is trying to catch up to his big brother as quick as possible! We have gotten somewhat of a schedule down with him and he's sleeping decently at night (one long stint followed by two 2-3 hr stints). He has a set bedtime (thankfully this has helped push D's up by an hour!!), but naps are another thing. Poor kid has to nap wherever and whenever he can...big brother doesn't like to be cooped up for too long! Grady has also accomplished the following:

- Rolled over to his tummy (2 1/2 months)
- Found his hands (2 1/2 months)

Grady is determined to show up his big brother with his early learning skills! He's smily and happy 99.9% of the time and LOVES having all the attention! D is definitely warming up to him now that he doesn't just lie there all the time. We still have a few jealousy issues, but we are slowly working those out!


As for Nate and I, we are surviving! Actually, we're doing fairly well with our crazy schedule. Nate accepted a new position at Envera and is now the Business Development Manager. With this exciting new experience comes a lot more responsibility and A LOT more 2-3 nights a week. This Momma was overwhelmed at first, but we've gotten the hang of it and I've mastered bathing two under 3 quite well! He's exhausted, but loving this new experience and I know it will only get better! I'm making it and getting out more and more...I've accepted the fact that they are going to cry and be difficult at times, but we've GOT to get out! We were actually complimented at a recent park playdate for actually getting out of the house...she said she didn't even attempt it in the first six months with two under three! Not going to lie, that made me feel a little like super mom, but then again, I've got a really hyperactive 2 year old and I'm really over "Who Who" (Curious George)!

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