Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Sickies...

Blogging is definitely not as easy these days with two bambinos! 

This little family has been fighting the sickies for two weeks and hopefully is starting to pull through! Poor Nate got it first and had a full work schedule plus traveling...luckily he got to get some uninterrupted sleep thanks to us being out of town. Next came D who started with a cold that quickly turned into Croup...poor baby couldn't breath or talk! Two doses of steroids (poor kid kept throwing up the liquid form) and lots of delsym later and he is finally starting to feel better...still has a cough and runny nose but the voice has returned! Then came poor baby Grady. He seemed to miss it at first and then developed this nasty cough which led me to freak that he had pertussis and rush him to the doctors...turns out he had the beginning signs of bronchitis and is now on a nebulizer. Although he sounds terrible he is still the happiest and sweetest little thing! As for mom? I got lucky and caught my cold right away...zicam and cold meds helped kick mine in two days...God knew I couldn't handle being sick with two sick kiddos!

We're on the mend and have spent a small fortune in co-pays and much for getting back on a budget this month! I think we should just build a small campground at the doctors office...thank goodness it's only a mile from the house!

Even with all the sickies, the boys are still full of energy and smiles...gosh they're a blessing!

Hard to see, but Daven and his "ruff ruff" both are wearing sunglasses, per D's request!

At the doctors...for the second time in one week! Both boys were such troopers!

 Park playdates are about the only thing these boys can do right now...especially during school hours so we don't pass on our sickies!

 Nebulizer time! He looks so pitiful, but really does fairly well...just a little confused!

Oh yeah, did I mention we're attempting to potty train at the same time?! The kid gets it and does fairly well, but when you're sick it's not an easy task...especially since he doesn't want the m&m's! We are taking it very slowly and hoping to not overwhelm him! He does best sans diaper & underwear...lots of naked time at our house and LOTS of puddles to clean up! 

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