Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 Months!

Height: 26 1/2"
Head: 15"
New Skills:
- I took my 2nd plane ride
- I started solids- like apples, sweet potatoes, & pears, & oatmeal
- I love laughing at Daven - he's just too funny to me!
- I'm trying to crawl
- I'm still struggling to sleep decently at just doesn't know that I just really love our nighttime parties!
- love snuggling...looks like we will have another co-sleeper!
- I LOVE eating my toes 
- I'm still VERY smiley!
- I'm teething like crazy and trying to eat everything!
- I Love to grab at my babies when mom holds them in front of me
- I LOVE to pull my blanket (or anything that freaks mom out) up over my face when I sleep…we’ve tried sleep sacks and I hate that I can’t get my toes!
- I've discovered my voice and do this really loud shriek and stuff my hand (or mom's shoulder) in to my mouth...sometimes I do it out of glee and sometimes out of is just so hard sometimes!

It is SO hard to believe this guy is 5 months old!! Grady brings so much joy to this house...even with our sleepless nights! Daven thinks the world of his brother and is constantly wanting to check on baby or make him laugh. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear D say "hi baby" or "silly baby". I know we will have times in the future where they don't like each other, but I see a lifelong friendship ( & partner in crime) budding!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Lately

I know I sound like a broken record, but this is very hard to accomplish with two kiddos! Grady is a cat-napper so I may get 45 minutes of "me" time during the day. I may not be able to update as often, but I promise we will keep it up!

So...what's been up with the Varn clan lately?

We took Daven to Big Cat Habitat...he was IN LOVE

We celebrated sweet baby Tristan in Tallahassee - first road trip with both kiddo's solo!! That was long, but very few tears (Grady slept the WHOLE way)

We celebrated our first Valentines day as a family of four

Grady just keeps growing and getting cuter

So does D

Grady met his future BFF Jay and I got to spend some quality time with one of my closest friends!

We had our first bonfire of the year at the Varn casa

We visit ed Gigi and Poppy at the beach for their anniversary!

Sorry if any of these are repeats...I have mommy brain every day all day!

4 Months!

Weight: 13.6
Height: 25 1/4"
New Skills:
- Rolling over (officially at 4 months, 1 week)
- I love to laugh a big ole' belly laugh!
- My head strength is awesome - mommy can practically hold me on her hip!
- I'm starting to teeth...and it hurts
- I got my first real cold - bronchitis and have been coughing for a's exhausted!
- I am trying to sit up when you hold's actually one of my favorite games!
- I've found my voice and man do I love to use it!
- I finally got to meet my future best buddy Jay! We're only a month apart and destined to get in to lots of trouble one day!
- I think my big brother is the best! I love watching him all the time...he's very entertaining!
- I officially started sleeping in my room - Mom's had a real blast getting up every three hours and trekking across the house to feed me...or hold me...I'm never really sure what I want, but I really like my bed and the roominess!
- I'm super smiley!
- I know my daddy's voice and stop whatever I'm doing when I hear it and try to find him!

My oh my how this little guy is growing! I can't believe we've already hit the 4 month mark! Nights have been long thanks to Grady no longer having a good sleep routine (thanks sickies), but he still wants to go to bed at 7:30p on the dot...I'll take it! Also thanks to the sickies, Grady hasn't gained a pound...he actually lost a few ounces between 3 & 4 months (13.6 to 13.1), but luckily put them back on before his check-up. Grady is a wonderful, happy, and sweet little boy and we are so blessed to have such an amazing little one!!