Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few late happenings...

SO, I'm a terrible parent and have been neglecting updates on our sweet Grady boy! Seriously...the few sweet minutes of solace I get are usually spent cleaning...although I'd rather be doing this or attempting to like Jillian Michaels...it only works if you do it more than once a week! :)

G-man is growng by leaps and bounds! He now knows how to roll back and forth, sit up almost unassisted, & jibber jabber ALL day long! He and D LOVE to make this high pitched screech at each other...Nathan and I want to crawl in a hole when they do it, but hey, at least they like each other!

Without further adieu, here are a BUNCH of videos of Grady doing his thang!

We need a gate...he rolls EVERYWHERE!

Grady Rolling!

This screech...it's ear piercing...especially when big brother joins in!

Grady conquers the Jumperoo!

Please pardon the full frontal...this was just too funny to ignore!

He just LOVES to hear himself talk!

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  1. Love these! He's so awesome. That last video of Grady talking made me smile and laugh while I'm alone in the corner at Starbucks. :)