Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who keep my boys safe each and every day now and forever! Thank you doesn't even cover the sacrifices many have made to ensure their (and my) freedom - may your Memorial Day be abundantly blessed!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go Daven, Go Daven, GO GO GO Daven!!

Welp, it's official...our big boy is potty trained!!! D had been showing the signs he was ready to begin potty training around 18 months, but it wasn't until end of March/beginning of April that he finally felt ready to wear his big boy underwear. I think it took more time training me to remember to ask him than it took for him to understand the concept of the underwear! Unlike most kids who will try each time the buzzer sounds, D wanted to do it on his schedule...of course he's my kiddo! It was a constant "do you have to potty" to get him to even think about it.  We did undies and diapers for about a week because he didn't seem to care when he pooped (nor even show any inclination he had to go), but that seemed to be confusing him so I just took one for the team and cleaned up MANY a mess...I officially have no gag reflex after potty training!

It's been two months and he's doing awesome...still have a little trouble with #2, but that seems to be subsiding. The best part is hearing Daven scream "Mommy I pee peed!! Sing Go Daden, Go Daden" (our little song we sing each time he does a good potty). Plus, this whole potty training thing has allowed him to run around "nakey"...his absolute favorite way to be...all boy that one!

Since diapers were confusing him, we took them away completely and decided to see how he'd do at night...we were ready for many wet evenings, but to our surprise he's only had one! We are completely diaper free and I couldn't be more proud of this big accomplishment on his journey to kid-hood. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Time Hop...Grady months 1 - 6

"Son's are the anchors of a Mother's life" - Sophocles

6 Months!

Weight: 16 lbs.
Height: 27 in
New Skills:
- I can hold my own bottle! I enjoy taking it in and out of my mouth and then tossing it away...before I'm done with it.
- I can sit up! I'm still learning how to stay up for more than a minute or so, but I can sit and Mom's pretty proud! I started doing this three days before my 6 month mark...still trying to show up the big bro!
- I sit really well in my bumbo and also REALLY love to try and get out of it!
- I can roll back and forth...and all over the place! No toys are safe from me!
- I'm trying REALLY hard to crawl! I can pull my legs up under me, but can't figure out what to do from there...
- Moving all over my crib - mom puts me down one way and finds me completely flipped at my next feeding!
- I love my mesh teether with frozen banana or yogurt - really I just love food and will try to grab whatever mom or big brother has to try as well!
- I've taken TWO boat rides, but am not too sure about my life jacket...I like it for the first two minutes then Mom has to hold me up so it doesn't ride up.
- I'm talking, well more like cooing, up a storm! 
- I'm still just in awe of my big brother and love to pick at him!
- Even though I don't let Mom get much sleep, I'm still a very happy and smiley baby! 
- I can sit on Mommy's hip like a little Monkey quite well!
- My hand/eye coordination is REALLY good - I love stealing my spoon at every meal and passing it between my hands!
- I can officially sit up in my whale tub and love to splash in the water! I also think its entertaining to lean all the way forward and face plant in my splash never catches a break with me!
- I LOVE bath time and get really excited when the water turns on! I squeal, smile, and laugh ecstatically! 

My oh my how this little guy has grown! I can't believe he is already 6 months and growing like a weed! G is still measuring in smaller than D, but is making up for it in brute strength! This little guy is strong and determined to keep up with his big brother! Grady's sleep schedule is still all over the place, but we are making it and just going with it - the kid is just ALWAYS hungry and has been since birth! We are so thankful for our two little handfuls and their diverse personalities! Like D, Grady just is too cute to stop at one picture for his 6 month shoot and gave me a handful of goofy shots...he's our little clown!