Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go Daven, Go Daven, GO GO GO Daven!!

Welp, it's official...our big boy is potty trained!!! D had been showing the signs he was ready to begin potty training around 18 months, but it wasn't until end of March/beginning of April that he finally felt ready to wear his big boy underwear. I think it took more time training me to remember to ask him than it took for him to understand the concept of the underwear! Unlike most kids who will try each time the buzzer sounds, D wanted to do it on his schedule...of course he's my kiddo! It was a constant "do you have to potty" to get him to even think about it.  We did undies and diapers for about a week because he didn't seem to care when he pooped (nor even show any inclination he had to go), but that seemed to be confusing him so I just took one for the team and cleaned up MANY a mess...I officially have no gag reflex after potty training!

It's been two months and he's doing awesome...still have a little trouble with #2, but that seems to be subsiding. The best part is hearing Daven scream "Mommy I pee peed!! Sing Go Daden, Go Daden" (our little song we sing each time he does a good potty). Plus, this whole potty training thing has allowed him to run around "nakey"...his absolute favorite way to be...all boy that one!

Since diapers were confusing him, we took them away completely and decided to see how he'd do at night...we were ready for many wet evenings, but to our surprise he's only had one! We are completely diaper free and I couldn't be more proud of this big accomplishment on his journey to kid-hood. 

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