Saturday, June 7, 2014

7 Months!

Weight: 17 lbs.
Height: 27"
New Skills:
- SUPER wiggly!
- loves to move fingers in a grabbing motion..esp right hand
- loves to make the psszzzz sound and loves to mimic it when we do it (like sticking your tongue out and spitting)
- closer to crawling...can get legs under but haven't figured the rest yet!
- first hotel stay & first pool experience...loved the water!
- trying to talk more - lots of jibber jabber and some "ba ba" sounds
- can say mama and dada
- love the walker & can move back & forth in it!
- make this funny face when I smack my lips together
- can sit up very strongly!
- can pull up by myself when holding mamas hands
- sleeping a little but better at night!!
- very squirrelly! I don't sit still very well...I want to move!!
- started smacking lips 5/22 - loves it when we do it back!
- LOVES to swing high
- starting to eat solids...I can down some puffs
- have started to become VERY clingy to momma
- loves to try and move...unless mom helps me to my knees I usually just fall flat on my tummy
- I know my name :)

Hard to believe our sweet boy is already 7 months! He's such a sweet baby and LOVES to torment his brother and cling to momma! We love you little man and love watching you grown!

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