Monday, July 7, 2014

8 Months!

Height: 28"
Head: 15 1/2"
New Skills:
- I can CRAWL!! I started doing this at around 7 1/2 months, but didn't really find my crawling legs until my 8 month bday - now I get where I want, under tables & chairs, and Mom has mini heart attacks all day every day!
- Although I've conquered crawling, I'd much rather pull up and attempt to walk - mom is doing the bent over hold my hands thing and she's pretty tired, but hey I'm ready to roll!
- I can get into the seated position from laying down
- I've started to pull-up in my crib...and then take quite a tumble back down!
- I can pull up to my knees...I'm pretty proud of this one!
- I LOVE to scoot around in my walker...especially to pull and twist mommy's glass drawer pulls...(glass knobs...really mom?!)
- I finally slept thru the night...two nights in a row...then abruptly stopped...hardy har thought we'd come so far!
- I'm liking my jumperoo a little bit again...try 10 minutes instead of 5 minute increments
- I want to be held ALL the time...but I don't actually want to stay in your lap quietly for more than 30 seconds!
- I love to be the center of attention...but then again what baby doesn't?!
- I've perfected "mama"...especially when I'm crying, mad, sad, hurt...mama is my #1
- I can eat ritz crackers, puff, and baby cheetos like a champ...who said you needed teeth to chew anything?
- I love to mess with my brother and try to grab anything he has...he so loves this game...not!!
- I'm really good at scooting around on my tummy...I like to push up on my knees and hands...push back and get what I want! Mom finds me ALL over the place!
- I'm into EVERYTHING! Unlike my brother I'm determined to destroy anything and everything Mom thought was safe!
- I love to mimic, especially when Mommy or Daddy go "ahhhhhh" I think its really funny!
- I love to spit and stick my tongue's actually kinda cute!

And to keep it's how this photo shoot REALLY went!

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