Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life, Life, Life...

Okay, I'm going to try this again and attempt to update y'all weekly on our wonderings and pondering. This blog, along with my instagram, is one of the easiest ways to reach so many people regarding the boys, BUT those boys need my undivided attention so they will always come before technology - it's about living in the moment, but through pictures.

SO without getting too wordy - here is what the Sarasota Varn's have been up to lately!

Let's start with our Red headed wild child! He's exactly that, wild and full of life! Daven has grown so much over the past 6 months and is talking rather well for a 2 1/2 year old! The day to day dialogue is hilarious and eye opening to what that child is picking up in the world around him! Some of my favorites are:

- " I tank dat's a good idea Mommy" (I think that's a good idea mommy)
- " What you talkin' 'bout?"
- "Grady awake! Oh my gosh Grady, he so funny!" (Something I guess I say a lot it oh my gosh because Daven uses it ALL THE TIME!)
- When told it's time to go to bed or get in the car or really anything at all: "Just two more minute" - when I respond with no, now he negotiates - "how 'bout one more minute mommy, peeez?"

Oh his stories! They are comical and usually revolve around all things boy like peeing, pooping, farting, or getting hurt - yep all that they say about boys is true!

Daven loves, and I mean loves playing in his room or outside - something that's exhausting but also awesome! Every morning, after nap, and evening he asks Nathan and/or me if we want to "come pay in his ruum" or "pay outside now peez". I mean, how in the world do you say no to that? Usually we are instructed to "pay with dis car", "build train track", or "I want to swing". I love that this kid would rather play than watch tv or use the computer - I will relish in this and push this for as long as possible!

Daven loves to dance and still has dance parties every day - his moves are very sporadic and he loves to try and break dance...pray he got his dad's dancing abilities! He also loves to wrestle and is usually the first thing he asks his dad when he get's home from work - I was asked once...apparently I don't know anything about wrestling because I was never asked again (fine by me!) He is patiently waiting for Grady to get bigger so he can wrestle too (I'm asked everyday if Grady is big yet).

BUT on top of it all, he has grown into a wonderful, thankful, and sweet little boy. He may test me everyday and play the why game likes it's nobody's business, but after ANYTHING he usually responds with "aw tanks mommy" or "tanks for taking me to da park/mall/splash park today mommy - dat was really fun". His brother definitely tests him, but he's grown to love him and care deeply for him. If he's hurt, he brings him his toy or gives him a kiss. If he's being funny, he eggs him on. When he wakes up, Daven is the first one through the door to sing the good morning song to G. He's a good egg that Redheaded wild child and I'm extremely thankful for that!

And then there is our Blonde Blue eyed heart throb Grady. Oh Grady - he is a goofy one growing by the minute! For a detailed skill update look here. This little boy is crawling and pulling up on everything! He's a fast little nugget and can't be left alone for even a second before he's made his way over to something he should have or standing daringly on the edge of falling over. He's making up for his brother by getting into everything - no cord is too high and no object too big to fit in his mouth! He also is giving his brother a run for his money and may be our tough guy...I see a room full of padded mattresses in their future!

He's hilarious and SO happy! The best is getting him up from bed - you receive the biggest smile that just makes any day better. I see G being the one who uses his humor to get away with things - he's a funny sly little guy!  If you aren't laughing he will make sure he does something to get you there!

Unlike his brother who could sit and cuddle all day, Grady loves his space and will not sleep anywhere but his crib. The nice thing is when he is ready to sleep, he is ready to sleep! No need to force him because he will gladly make it known that he is tired and done...a trait he gets from his momma!

The best part, he's an awesome baby! He's a handful, but a good handful. He's great at being toted around and very good at going with the flow (usually). He's super sweet and curious - two characteristics that will continue to serve him well as he grows!

I guess you probably want to know how Mom and Dad are doing huh? We're good - hanging in there in this crazy world we live in! In all honesty, we are exhausted by days end, but happy with what God has granted us. 

Nate's job is going well and although he is super busy and gone one or two nights a week - he's happy, getting healthy, and growing by leaps and bounds in the business world. In regard to his health - he FINALLY went to the doctor for all his injuries dating back 6 years and has 5 herniated disks - we are slowly getting him back to tip top shape so he can keep up with his munchkins. 

As for me, I'm still alive! I'm sleep deprived and will stay that way for the rest of my life, but I'm happy, healthy, and thankful for the ability to stay home with these crazy kids! Nate got this momma a gym membership and that has made a world of difference in our day - a little time for me to get this booty back in shape and a small break from the babes - best medicine I could have asked for! 

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