Monday, August 11, 2014

9 months!

Weight: 18.7 lbs
Height: 29 1/4"
Head: 17 1/2"
New Skills:
- I can wave bye bye & hi (~ 8 months & 1 wk)
- I can say bye bye...actually got this before I could wave! Mom just wouldn't stop saying it...and big brother helped me learn too!
- I can give a high five when you put your hand out - I think this is hilarious!
- I make this really creepy, but kinda cute low growl...Mom keeps trying to record it, but I stop the minute the camera starts rolling!
- I can clap my hands and love playing if you're happy and you know it!
- I move all over the place - my favorite is to crawl to where I want, pull up, try to reach my next spot...if I can't then sit down and scoot closer!
- I love to try and reach for Momma's hand to get me to where I want...I've started to enjoy walking around while she holds my hands (and breaks her back!)
- I can push up to my feet from crawling - I look like I'm going to do a push up...soon I will be standing!!
- I am constantly smacking my lips!
- I am also constantly sucking on my bottom lip...I so want those teeth to show up soon!
- I LOVE to torment my big brother! His toys are just so much better!
- I am sleeping better - usually only up once at night and then early seems a little more well rested (hahahaha)
- Still no teeth, but that hasn't stopped me from trying new foods - I LOVE: meat (beef with cream of mushroom...I take after dad), bananas, cheerios, ritz crackers, veggie sticks, applesauce, eggs, Chik-fil-A, pizza, chicken divan - you name it I will try it! I've had a few choking incidents, but mom is quick to help me out!
- I love to rub my hand really fast across my mouth and make silly sounds!
- I still love communicating with my brother by screaming...our screaming matches really make mom love car rides!
- Changing my diaper or clothes is a chore - I hate to lay still and role the minute you put me on my back. This usually means Mom (or Dad) has to hold one leg as I try to crawl away and get my booty wiped as fast as possible and a new diaper on...they had to buy pull-up like diapers because I am so difficult to change! They also know what it's like to have poop on you because with my awesome maneuvering skills,  I tend to get it everywhere (and on them)!
- I've mastered the art of copying...especially my big brother...usually RIGHT AFTER he does it.
- I throw quite the temper tantrum. If Mom is holding me, I do whatever it takes to try and toss myself out of her arms (she's a strong one that Mommy of mine) and I love, and I mean LOVE, to kick my feet when I REALLY want her to know I want it my not even try to be one second late with my bottle or I will go all sorts of cray cray on you!

Oh Grady, you are something! You are full of yourself and starting to test the limits...whether its trying to get into things you shouldn't or leaps of faith from couch to table, you are growing exponentially! You are also a sweet, loving, smily baby that makes my heart melt every time you are near me! You have officially surpassed your brother by weight/by month and will definitely give him a run for his money once you're able to walk! You have also developed a strong attachment to your papa - this is something I couldn't be more grateful for and I know it melts his heart each time you cry when he passes you back or leaves for work. You aren't my super cuddly one and so I hold tight the few times you allow me to snuggle you - even in the wee hours when you wake to eat, I have a very hard time letting you go! You are an amazing little boy and we are ever so thankful to have you as our son!

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