Saturday, August 30, 2014

A visit to the Dentist!

So, this happened like 3 months ago, but of course in my chaos, I forgot to update y'all on Daven's first official dentist visit!

We chose to take him to a children's dentist for two reasons:
1. Being that he's super sensitive, we wanted the experience to be as best as possible. I left his dentist wanting to go myself - it was pretty cool and everyone was SUPER friendly!
2. The dentist we selected for our family doesn't accept little guys until they are 4 - wah, wah! This really was fine with me because it gave me the chance to check them out BEFORE sending my kiddo's to them  - they passed with flying colors - gotta love Sarasota's medical community (it's pretty advanced)!

Daven did awesome! He was such a trooper and actually really loved the whole experience! The dental hygienist and dentist were top notch and made the experience so peaceful! There was no forcing him to do anything he wasn't comfortable with - their mantra - don't make a child fear the dentist!

The kid loved it! He is actually excited to go back in November!

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