Tuesday, September 30, 2014

D & G...

The boys and their antics! They are full of life and love and make our hearts explode daily! They are definitely all boy and handfuls, but we love our dirty crazy little rascals! Daven is starting to enjoy his brother following him 24/7 and Grady is loving all the things he's learning from Daven! Obviously, we've had to stop D every now and then from getting too rough with the little guy, but they seem to have a mutual love of wrestling SO I'm learning to step back and just referee.

We went to Virginia for G's 10 month birthday...around the same time two years ago we went with Daven for the first time! It was fun to see the boys laugh and point at the cows, play at the "park" (playground) and just enjoy Meme and Poppy's home. It's truly my favorite place to visit and holds so many warm memories from my childhood; we're blessed to share it with them!

11 Months!!

Weight: 20.3 lbs
Height: 30"
Head: 18"
New Skills:
 - I can stand up all by myself!
- I love to point and say "ah" - mom and dad take it as if I'm asking a question and tell me what I'm pointing to!
- I am walking! I still like to hold your hand and cruise, but I can definitely walk! I have become very good at standing up, balancing myself, and then taking off! I can make it from my room to Daven's room with very little hesitation! The problem is, I am still not 100% stable and WILL NOT get in my walker and rarely crawl - Mom and Dad break their backs helping me walk around the help when needed!
-I love to play with big brother and copy everything he does! Mom and Dad think this is hilarious and love to watch me attempt anything!
- I love to open and close my hand and now do that to say bye bye
- I clap for myself every time I stand up solo...I usually do this and then walk!
- I took my first plane ride to Va! I did pretty well but definitely gave mom a run for her money!
- I'm starting to hate being in the car for long periods of time...mom loves my screaming!
- I try to climb and pull up on EVERYTHING...or climb over everything!
- I love real food and will try almost anything - eggs and diced peaches are a favorite as well as bread...I love me some carbs!
- Not a fan of starter sippy cups.....I'd prefer big brothers!
- Starting to like water, apple juice, & milk
- I love to hold my hand up to my ear and pretend I’m talking on the phone! Every time I hear the phone ring I put my hand up to my ear and say hi!
- love to give my babies hugs when mom says love the baby
- I  am really good at putting away my toys - if I see an empty box, I will throw all the toys around me in it
- I LOVE my blankies. Whatever one I'm sleeping with usually has to come with me wherever we go it gets in the way of walking which can be a problem! Mom is trying to get me to like a lovey blanket so that I don't trip over my blanket anymore!

Little man, stop growing! You have become such a cuddly (about time) little boy and you melt my heart every chance you get! You are a goof and always trying to get us to laugh at your antics...I see this as a blessing and curse since you will probably use it to get your way! Thank you for being our little blessing, you are truly a beautiful little boy and we are SO lucky to call you our son!

And...a few more from the 11 month shoot...our sitting still days are over!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off to School We Go!

Welp, our little man started Preschool today! We were all very prepared for this big day and had been talking about it for weeks - he was actually VERY excited! Then, we got there and the tears started...they didn't last long, but he was a little teary when we went to pick him up. All in all he said he had a great day and made a new friend, but he's still not sure he wants to go back tomorrow!

The drop off was absolute craziness and stressed me out more than it did Daven! Hopefully this gets better or I'm not sure I can put up with this for a whole year! Daven was hilarious when I peaked in...he was just looking around at all the chaos like "what is the world is going on?!" - gosh I love that little nugget!

Of course we had to take a few pictures! Shockingly, Daven was ALL about the pictures this morning!

10 Months!

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 30 1/2"
Head: 17 1/2"
New Skills:
- I love to walk around holding on to your hand...it's back breaking, but fun to watch where I go!
- I started to let go of whatever I was holding on to and try and get to mommy or daddy around 9 1/2 months- UPDATE: As of August 24th, I am walking! Not completely, but I can take a few steps, steady myself, and then take a few more! I do fall thanks to my overzealousness to get to Mommy on my feet, but I'm doing it just shy of my 10 month b-day!
- I can stand all by myself for a matter of seconds and sometimes minutes! Mom & Daddy are super proud of me!
- I am talking up a storm...especially to Daven! I love to talk and show him things although he has no idea what I'm saying!
- I sleep most  of the night - I still get up around 2am and sometimes 4am, but mainly just once - you might say it's a habit that Mom has let me create...nope I am really hungry! I down my bottle in under 5 minutes and then curl up in her lap and fall back to sleep - since I'm not a huge snuggler, Mom loves our early mornings together - she just looks at me for a REALLY long time!
- I am such a goofball! I definitely got Daddy's funny gene and love to make this mischievous grin that is totally going to get me away with murder when I'm older!
- I love, love, LOVE to play peek-a-boo - it's what gets me through long car rides!
- I love my blankies and get super excited when it's nap time and mommy gives me a nice snuggly one!
- I have this awesome game of throwing all of my pacifiers out of my bed BEHIND my crib...mommy really loves retrieving my stash
- I love to try and pour water on my head...usually the cup is empty by the time I get there, but I'm still infatuated with this concept!
-I get into everything...especially my night light...even after mom has slapped my hand a number of times, I still look at her and try to touch it...she's got her hands full with me!
- I love to rub my feed back and forth on any new surface or when I'm going to bed - I've been doing this for some time (maybe 4 months), but mom isn't good at remembering to write everything down! Mom thinks this may be an inherited trait because she does the same thing, but with only one foot...and not like a baby...okay maybe she should have left that out :)
- I love to mimic my big brother - if he bangs the table, I bang the table; if he screams, I scream - it's just so fun!
- I've begun the separation anxiety phase - I'm not as bad as my big brother was, but I definitely understand Momma isn't in the room - one day I'll let you work out solo for more than 20 minutes mom!
- I love to try and figure stuff out - I've already started trying to put the puzzle pieces back in my puzzle (one successful placement so far), and love to try and figure out the mechanics of the sprinkler; my entertainment while big brother swings!
- I don't like the swing - maybe for a minute, but past that I want to get out and explore! This is great for my big brother because all he wants to do is swing, swing, swing - I think he's part Monkey!
- I can high five when asked!
- I can shake my head no...especially after mommy tells me not to touch something
- My temper tantrums have gotten even better!

Our BABY is 10 months old! I am already planning another 1 year old birthday party - where has the time gone?! Grady, you are nothing short of amazing, funny, and downright cute - we are so blessed to have such a special baby boy! Although we may be biased, we think you are super smart and a real go getter - you will be running after Daven in no time!