Tuesday, September 30, 2014

11 Months!!

Weight: 20.3 lbs
Height: 30"
Head: 18"
New Skills:
 - I can stand up all by myself!
- I love to point and say "ah" - mom and dad take it as if I'm asking a question and tell me what I'm pointing to!
- I am walking! I still like to hold your hand and cruise, but I can definitely walk! I have become very good at standing up, balancing myself, and then taking off! I can make it from my room to Daven's room with very little hesitation! The problem is, I am still not 100% stable and WILL NOT get in my walker and rarely crawl - Mom and Dad break their backs helping me walk around the help when needed!
-I love to play with big brother and copy everything he does! Mom and Dad think this is hilarious and love to watch me attempt anything!
- I love to open and close my hand and now do that to say bye bye
- I clap for myself every time I stand up solo...I usually do this and then walk!
- I took my first plane ride to Va! I did pretty well but definitely gave mom a run for her money!
- I'm starting to hate being in the car for long periods of time...mom loves my screaming!
- I try to climb and pull up on EVERYTHING...or climb over everything!
- I love real food and will try almost anything - eggs and diced peaches are a favorite as well as bread...I love me some carbs!
- Not a fan of starter sippy cups.....I'd prefer big brothers!
- Starting to like water, apple juice, & milk
- I love to hold my hand up to my ear and pretend I’m talking on the phone! Every time I hear the phone ring I put my hand up to my ear and say hi!
- love to give my babies hugs when mom says love the baby
- I  am really good at putting away my toys - if I see an empty box, I will throw all the toys around me in it
- I LOVE my blankies. Whatever one I'm sleeping with usually has to come with me wherever we go it gets in the way of walking which can be a problem! Mom is trying to get me to like a lovey blanket so that I don't trip over my blanket anymore!

Little man, stop growing! You have become such a cuddly (about time) little boy and you melt my heart every chance you get! You are a goof and always trying to get us to laugh at your antics...I see this as a blessing and curse since you will probably use it to get your way! Thank you for being our little blessing, you are truly a beautiful little boy and we are SO lucky to call you our son!

And...a few more from the 11 month shoot...our sitting still days are over!!

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