Tuesday, September 30, 2014

D & G...

The boys and their antics! They are full of life and love and make our hearts explode daily! They are definitely all boy and handfuls, but we love our dirty crazy little rascals! Daven is starting to enjoy his brother following him 24/7 and Grady is loving all the things he's learning from Daven! Obviously, we've had to stop D every now and then from getting too rough with the little guy, but they seem to have a mutual love of wrestling SO I'm learning to step back and just referee.

We went to Virginia for G's 10 month birthday...around the same time two years ago we went with Daven for the first time! It was fun to see the boys laugh and point at the cows, play at the "park" (playground) and just enjoy Meme and Poppy's home. It's truly my favorite place to visit and holds so many warm memories from my childhood; we're blessed to share it with them!

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