Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off to School We Go!

Welp, our little man started Preschool today! We were all very prepared for this big day and had been talking about it for weeks - he was actually VERY excited! Then, we got there and the tears started...they didn't last long, but he was a little teary when we went to pick him up. All in all he said he had a great day and made a new friend, but he's still not sure he wants to go back tomorrow!

The drop off was absolute craziness and stressed me out more than it did Daven! Hopefully this gets better or I'm not sure I can put up with this for a whole year! Daven was hilarious when I peaked in...he was just looking around at all the chaos like "what is the world is going on?!" - gosh I love that little nugget!

Of course we had to take a few pictures! Shockingly, Daven was ALL about the pictures this morning!

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