Thursday, November 6, 2014

Grady Year in Review

12 Months!

Weight: 20 lbs. 9 oz.
Height: 31 1/4"
Head: 17 3/4"
New Skills:
  • I am a walking machine!
  • I love to mimic ANYTHING my older brother is doing…including the not so sweet stuff :)
  • I absolutely adore my big brother and really like to try and talk to him these days (he’s not all about it most of the time…we’re getting there)…I squat down and start talking to him right to his face…mom thinks it the cutest thing and big brother usually laughs after a little bit!
  • Speaking of squatting…I can do that too…its one of my favorite sitting positions!
  • I now love milk and drink it all.the.time…Mom has to buy two gallons of it now just to keep me happy!
  • I love music and start dancing (bending my knees) when it comes on…especially kid music (yay for mom…not)!
  • I love Cooper and he is usually the first person (yep, mom and dad consider him human) I want to see and cuddle with in the morning…he loves me…just doesn’t fully know it yet :)
  • I love to eat…like everything all the time. Eggs, blueberries, strawberries, crackers, pirates booty, and yogurt are a few of my favorites!
  • I love to explore and climb! Playing outside has become really fun because of how inquisitive I am! We take lots of walks these days so I can look and touch all things nature!
  • I’m not a huge fan of the swing…this works out well because big brother loves it and isn’t particularly fond of sharing it!
  • I’ve started to make the “vroom vroom” sound with cars
  • I love to smack my lips together
  • Still only have two teeth…looks like one of my top teeth are coming in…very slowly (my bottom two JUST fully came through…teething is a blast at our house)!
  • UPDATE: I have 2 1/2 teeth! That top tooth finally broke through, but is doing so VERY slowly...just one though...I'm a little lopsided
  • I LOVE my daddy…when I hear him or see him I get really excited and run for a big hug and cuddle…it melts his heart every time!
  • Speaking of cuddling, I’ve started to enjoy cuddling! Mom loves this because I’ve never been big cuddle bug - I usually roll around and then roll REALLY close to get a big squeeze! Unfortunately, we don’t last very long because I don’t sleep well when cuddling…I like to just lay awake cuddled up next to you.
  • I love to talk on the phone and am constantly trying to steal moms to talk to Elmo
  • I am comprehending so much more these days! I understand no, baba, directions, night night, hunger cues, etc. This has made life a little easier around these parts!
  • I can blow kisses and give awesome high fives!
  • I'm a goof ball and love to make you laugh 
  • I love to give hugs, have started to give kisses when asked (occasionally), and have attempted to blow a kiss a couple of times
  • I know the sign for all done and wave my hands wildly in the air when I’m all done with my food
  • Mom and Dad have nicknamed me “the wrecking ball” because I run into everything and fall all the time - Dad says I’m just like him and don’t watch where I’m going - if I want to get somewhere I’m going to no matter what is in my way!
  • I can turn lights on and off
  • I'm sleeping through the night most nights!!
  • I love to dance 
  • I am super mischievous - I love to get into everything I'm not supposed to - especially climbing! Mom has found me in precarious situations when she turned her back and she's usually scared out of her mind - in other words she can't leave me alone ever! I also love to pull out plugs and try to stick my fingers in the outlet...yep, I keep them on their toes!
  • I am now in a big boy car seat...but not sure I like it very much...Mom thinks I may prefer my carrier.