Saturday, January 17, 2015

Daven is 3!

(A little late posting, but anything is better late than never!)

Happy birthday to our sweet big boy. It's so hard to believe three years ago we brought home our little red headed bundle of love. He's grown exponentially in this past year and is as smart as a whip...don't say something if you don't plan on keeping your promise; that boy remembers EVERYTHING! He's creative; we know where it's going when he starts with "when I was a little boy"...the tales grow bigger with time, but his creativity just keeps us in awe. He's perceptive, impatient, nurturing, thoughtful, rough, and very loud - he's the perfect combination of his parents. We butt heads only because we are SO much alike. Yes, he still snuggles up beside us to sleep, but we've concluded he will leave us soon enough so to relish in the time spent together. Plus, when he cups your face and says "don't worry mommy, we are hear for you"; it just melts your heart! He's in to all things boy - running, jumping, dirt, water, trucks, hunting, fishing...but he also love to love on his babies and make sure they are safe and secure.

We went to Legoland for his 3rd birthday...just Daven, Daddy, & Momma - it was wonderful to spend a full day with just our eldest. He was disappointed in his lack of height to ride roller coasters, but we promised we'd come back and conquer them all together. He did have fun and keeps telling us all about his "birfday".

Daven, we love you more than we could ever tell you. You are such a special little boy with big dreams and a full life ahead of you. You have the determination and spirit to do big things and we will always push you to live your glorious dreams. Happiest of birthdays to our big THREE year old!

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