Saturday, January 17, 2015

Life Lately

Here's your quarterly update on the boys because let's be real...that's about how often I TRULY update this blog!


- Loves to tell stories....usually these start with "When I was a little boy"...and grow as the tale is told. It's really cute and shows how creative he is!
- Sings all the time - songs he knows and ones he makes up!
- Remembers everything...seriously, if you said it a month ago, he remembers what you said and expects it!
- Knows how to count to 12
- Knows his ABC's
- Can draw lines, circles, and triangles like a champ
- Has finally adjusted to Preschool!!!!
- Has finally started to get along and want his baby brother to play with him!
- Cooper is still his best friend

- Can say Momma, Dada, Please, Cooper (Pooper), Up, Baba, a bunch of jibber jabber!
- Says "oooh" whenever he sees something he wants or is ready to eat!
- Loves to a tank! His favorites are blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, kale chips, turkey, chicken fingers, french fries, apples, pulled pork, beef...seriously the kid eats almost anything!
- Walking/running EVERYWHERE
- Climbs like a fool
- Pushes my buttons...on purpose...and its painfully funny & obnoxious all at the same time!
- Loves to cuddle in the morning before everyone else gets up
- A goofball! He loves to make you laugh!
- Has a smile that will melt your heart!
- Loves all things boys...especially dirt, the beach, all types of balls, and sticks...that boy LOVES his sticks!
- Loves Cooper
- Blows Kisses like a champ
- Gives kisses...and tries to bite you at the same time!
- Loves to mimic whatever big brother is doing
- Trying to snap
- Smacks his lips together constantly
- Loves to wrestle with his daddy and brother...he's all boy!
- Think we have a lefty! Kiddo does most everything with his left hand...throw, color, eat most of the time...fingers crossed it got passed down!

I'm sure they are doing MUCH more, but Momma brain leaves me at a loss quite often!

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